Derma Cares was started in the year 2015 by one young, energetic and enterprising persons, Mr.M.Noorudeen(M.D) dedicated to the field of dermatology. Now we have developed a very large service, sales and administrative force to cater to the dermatologist & cosmetologists.

Content with a low margin, but ambitious of catering to the ravenous demands of the medical community and cosmetic clinics, the architects of Derma Cares marketed the products at a highly affordable price.

The availaility of high quality equipment at a rock-bottom price brought more and more customers into our fold.

Having covered entire India, Derma Cares steered our wings towards international market also. To cope with the ever-increasing demand, the company has set up a new manufacturing plant with state-of-the manufacturing technology at (Thiruvanmiyur) in Chennai.

A great time indeed for those who are involved in the cosmetic treatment and their patients too !

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